CRM Native Integration

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

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Integrate Jabmo with your CRM and see amazing results.

Your sales reps will see website visits and marketing engagement activity at an account level in their CRM. Your marketing team will be able to measure their impact on the sales pipeline and identify key accounts that need more nurturing.

Feature sets


Export target account from Jabmo to CRM


See account marketing engagement activities and summary in CRM


See CRM contacts in Jabmo account page


Fill Jabmo ABM Dashboard, Sales Pipeline and Account Page with CRM opportunities
Automatically convert CRM open opportunities into target accounts in Jabmo
See Sales pipeline impact in Salesforce reports


Jabmo integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 online, 2016 online and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics integration with Jabmo is available for business and enterprise plans.
If you want to change your plan, please contact your CSM.

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